Peptide Capabilities

Peptide chemistry is at the heart of GaloreTx® research activities. Our core strength is to develop synthetic methodologies and processes to execute projects of varying complexity. Our expertise in solution, solid phase and small molecule/peptide conjugation chemistry techniques enables us to synthesize complex peptide designs.

Our team is experienced in CMC activities for executing peptide programs. The experience in process development enables us to develop tailor-made and cost-effective processes for lead candidates.

State-of-the-art solid-phase peptide synthesis facility and highly skilled peptide team with a track record of successful delivery of complex molecules

We are specialized at

  • Solid phase & Solution phase techniques

  • Synthesis scale: milligram to gram scale for peptides and up to kilogram scale for peptidomimetics

  • Conformationally constrained cyclic peptides: Cysteine and Lactam bridging, Cystathiones, Head to tail cyclized peptides, Stapled peptides, Thioether cyclized peptides, Click chemistry and Ring closure metathesis.

  • Cysteine rich peptides: Toxins and Modified toxins with additional conformational constraints

  • Peptide drug designing to improve pharmacokinetic properties: Lipidation, PEGylation (click and maleimido chemistry), incorporation of bioisosteres

  • Labeled peptides: AlexaFlour, Biotin, Rhodamine green, Carboxyfluorescein, phosphopeptides and labelling with stable isotopes

  • Derivatized peptides: Anchoring with small molecules/natural products; peptide linkers with warheads; Peptide dendrimers, conjugation with phospholipids

  • Peptidomimetics: Reduced amide bond, Peptoids, N-methylation, Replacement of peptide bonds with non-peptidic bonds / bioisosteres

  • Process optimization and technology transfer for non-GMP and GMP scale-up